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Hate is a Virus
(Warning: this film contains graphic violence)
“This film’s power comes not only from its direct aim at racism against Asians in current America, but in its ability to jolt us, the viewer, with our own humanity.” – F3 Film Magazine
Hate is a Virus  US  Documentary
Amidst the rampant violence against vulnerable members of the Asian American Community during the pandemic, this documentary follows the history of anti-Asian prejudice in the U.S. and how it connects to the xenophobia and violence we see today.
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Leonardo Trejo-Bien
Director Bio :
I'm an Asian/Hispanic American Filmmaker from Palo Alto, CA. My favorite Directors are Nolan, Coen Bros., Bong Joon Ho, Tarantino. I hope to use the art of film to effectively inspire and change the minds of my audience.

Director Statement :
Portions of the film may be graphic, but it is a difficult truth to face. The violence during the COVID-19 pandemic is only a resurgence of deep Anti-Asian sentiment in the history of the U.S. The voices of Asian Americans need to be heard.