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Crusoe Of Tin City
Grand Jury Award
“An extraordinary immersion into remoteness, between elegy and ode.” – F3 Film Magazine
Crusoe Of Tin City  Australia  Narrative
An old man and his dog spend their last days at the end of the world.
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Yannick Jamey
Director Bio :
Born in Australia, raised in France and educated in Canada — I am a multi-cultural self-taught filmmaker who loves a project that marries travel with filmmaking.

I am currently exploring films about people and places — traveling to a fascinating landscape or location, meeting fascinating people there and then working it into a hybrid of documentary and fiction.

I currently have four more short documentaries in the works with similar approaches but about different subject matters.

Director Statement :
This is my first short film, made entirely on my own and shot over the course of multiple trips to this unique location in Australia. At first, I started with a documentary approach but in the editing room it turned into something more abstract, following a loose narrative.

I felt that there was a poetry to the images and the character’s silence that spoke for itself. There was also somehow a childlike feeling to it, echoing 'The Little Prince', which spoke to me. And so I decided to write a poem specifically for the images, read by a child — a prophetic, almost "impossible" voice if you will, which becomes open to interpretation.

So this became, quite unexpectedly, a very personal and experimental film for me, that simply explores a feeling, a fantasy or metaphor... about childhood, about being cast away, about trying to find a decent place to lay our head.