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How To Lose Weight and Look Great
Best Animated Film
“If a film could be a friend, we’d want this one.” – F3 Film Magazine
How To Lose Weight and Look Great  US  Animated Documentary
An autobiographical animated short about being diagnosed with a life threatening case of brain cancer, trying to make sense of a world where people don't seem to know how to communicate about illness, and the hilarity that ensues.
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Nolan Wang
Director Bio :
Nolan Wang is an artist, filmmaker, and musician originally from the desert city of Tucson, Arizona. He currently resides in Los Angeles, where he works primarily as a motion graphics designer. He is heavily influenced by all of the great art, music, and comedy in Los Angeles.

Director Statement :
I made this with a great deal of hope and naivety that sharing my experience with Cancer might be of help or act as a resource to others overwhelmed with something life changing like this. To simply put it, I wanted to make something that I wish was around when I was burdened with a very grim cancer prognosis. As well, It also an honest human story for any audience.
Plus it’s Animated! So that’s fun!