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Film Round-Up 2021
Each year, SF Shorts choses a selection of short films which not only entertain but also provoke thought and scratch the core human itch to connect with the world around us. The group of films screening this year is no exception. Read our brief thoughts about each below.

Al Fresco
A brave self-satire of a pretentious habit that becomes compulsive to the point of demonic possession.

Anyone At All
A cinematically sensuous character study, established and motivated with beautiful efficiency and stoic insight.

Fascinating and haunting. The art of this slow motion brilliantly reveals the conflicted cracks of humanity within both ally and authority.

Eric and the Bees
Beyond ideology, a soldier compellingly heals regrets by nurturing life through farming, family, and charity.

The breadth and structure of a feature film with keen characterization of the uncertainty and drama of youthful masculinity.

Ghost Girl
A mature and tightly skilled depiction of the strain of success, artistic honesty, and abandonment on a friendship.

Hate is a Virus
This film’s power comes not only from its direct aim at racism against Asians in current America, but in its ability to jolt us, the viewer, with our own humanity.

Home is not Safe
A masterfully-paced morality tale with a rare glimpse inside a trapped inhumanity.

Michael Malone, Portrait of an American Organic Farmer
A lo-fi vérité — defying expectations — full of intimate anecdotes and candid philosophy.

Beautifully makes plain that the ridiculous circumstances of everyday living often require the care and trust of strangers.

Nothing Glamorous
Seductively fantasizes delusions of an art-directed grandeur and the fear of its pitfalls.

An immersive cognitive disruption conveying trauma and the neglect of a reciprocal human response.

A creative calendar of one man’s coping and play borne from stir-crazed isolation.

The Appointment (La Cita)
A stark and moving tribute to a murdered friend, a victim vulnerable to men’s basest mixture of sex, ideology, and violence.

The Girl with the Accent
A refugee from Africa, caught between histories and cultures, reveals how absurd the perceived differences are.

The Last Fisherman
A tragic and sublime ode to an ancient mariner way of life forced out by the modern world.

The Load (Il Fagotto)
A foreboding vision of a futuristic bureaucracy, wherein the state manages citizen reproduction.

The Seed
Ardently asserts that a rooted and gainful member of our community should deserve an enduring stake within it.

The Wake-Up Call
A crafted noir parable worthy of Rod Serling, pulsing with atmospheric framing and lighting, achieved through masterfully rendered imagery.

To the Future, with Love
An invigorating portrait that vibrates with the energy of youthful optimism.

The compulsive and entrancing flight of a dream, decoding signposts to get back home.

A richly cinematic post-industrial folktale that traverses subterrestrial realms.
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