Best Cinematography Honor

“A gorgeous museum-worthy nuance of being through the vibration of elemental atomized energy.”

– F3 Film Magazine


From dust they arise, drawn together by a magic frequency …

Director Profile

Eva Colmers

Director Bio :

Eva Colmers has written and directed 13 award-winning short and long-format films in the dramatic, experimental and documentary genre including Granny Baby, The Weightless Traveller, End of the Rope, The NFB Elder Project, LUZ, Hand Sum, The Enemy Within and No Problem. In a unique playful style, Colmers explores various aspects of alienation and belonging in her work. Her films have been screened at many international festivals as well as on television and she has received many awards for her accomplishments.

With a background in theatre, Colmers has also created visual background for theatre-, dance- and music performances. She is presently finishing a new documentary for the National Film Board of Canada and is working on a dramatic script for a multi-ethnic dramatic comedy.

Director Statement :

We are but moving particles through space
We are but dust and shadows.

2.57k is the result of a striking collaboration between 3 very creative minds of artists Eva Colmers (writer, director and producer), Gary James Joynes (cinematic sound artist and composer) and aAron munson (Cinematographer and editor).