The Art of Avila Rose

“A delightful portrait of the demands and rewards in maintaining a small-shop craft.”

– F3 Film Magazine

The Art of Avila Rose

Meet Isaac Vazquez Avila and Lauren Rose D’Amato, the artists and owners of Avila Rose Signs, a custom sign shop in San Francisco, CA.

Director Profile

Elsis Saravia, Isaiah Puletasi, Yulieth Aguilar, Michelle Gao, Sojo Titus, Naomi Garcia Pasmanick

Directors Bio :

Five high school BAYCAT Academy Interns, The Crew, had 9 weeks to produce this piece. They planned the shots and interview questions with the help of their mentor, Naomi Garcia Pasmanick. Naomi filmed on location on their behalf. The Crew finished by editing the piece in close collaboration with the protagonists of the film.

Directors Statement :

Lauren and Isaac are skilled in the age-old craft of sign painting. In a digital world, creating a documentary with teenaged youth about an analogue and physical process helped offer us perspective on creativity, tradition, and intention. As San Francisco creatives, it was honor to document multidisciplinary artists that keep the Bay Area beautiful with their custom signs.