The Brother Mike Tapes

Verite Award

“We could watch this forever.”

– F3 Film Magazine

The Brother Mike Tapes

As a child, Michael Cohen secretly recorded his parents’ admonishments of his choices and animated their conversations decades later.

Director Profile

Rodd Perry and Brother Mike Cohen

Director Bio :

Rodd Perry lives in Los Angeles and produces movie advertising while making DIY animations in his spare time. He is the co-creator of the newspaper comic strip “Brevity”. Michael Cohen lives in Brooklyn NY with his wife and young son, who is already a huge Tom Petty fan.

Director Statement :

Growing up in the ’80’s, my college pal Brother Mike Cohen recorded hours of conversations with his parents. Decades later, as I was trying to teach myself animation, I asked for copies of his cassettes. Brought to life as cartoons, they capture real coming-of-age moments with humor, anger and love.