0.2 Milligrams of Gold

“Reveals a deeper understanding of our micro and macro cosms by artfully transforming the science documentary through the compared scopes of man, culture, and nature. ”

– F3 Film Magazine

0.2 Milligrams of Gold

8,500 kilometers lie between the Amazon and the Ardennes. In his home country of Brazil, Diego Quinderé de Carvalho only looks at the inaccessible and menacing forest from the outside. Its Belgian counter piece, however, is easy to explore. Here, everything is laid out by people, neatly ordered, and reduced to the essentials. A geologist, a gold miner, and an astronomer provide insights for a philosophical exploration of the origin of existence and the future of our planet.

Director Profile

Diego Quinderé de Carvalho

Director Bio :

Brazilian non-fiction filmmaker and editor. Diego has a magna cum laude diploma at Luca School of Arts in Brussels as part of his Master’s degree at Doc Nomads (2020). His graduation film 0.2 Milligrams of Gold world premiered at Camden IFF (Sept 2021) and European Premiered at Dok Leipzig (Oct 2021). Currently, Diego is an associate producer at Brasiliana, a production company based in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro that develops independent cinema in the region.

Director Statement :

The Amazon forest is a vast pristine nature that has a role in helping regulate life on earth. This nature is not only a domestic gift of Brazil, as it concerns everyone in the world if it is under attack. I believe it is crucial to talk about ecology: the attention we give is not yet enough. In the film, however, I do not make it while taking the side of an activist. But in an exercise of asking questions about the reality surrounding me. It is a personal point-of-view aware of the destruction my country makes upon that forest: a land full of life, culture, and mysteries. I’ve made 0.2 Milligrams of Gold as someone that feels in his body the comfort of progress. And what is the price of this progress?