Al Fresco

“A brave self-satire of a pretentious habit that becomes compulsive to the point of demonic possession.”

– F3 Film Magazine

Al Fresco

While making dinner preparations at home, a word enthusiast takes issue with the idea of dining outside when his significant other neglects to use the term “al fresco”.

Director Profile

John Valenti

Director Bio :

John Valenti is an Upstate New York-born filmmaker, photographer, and musician living in the Bay Area. His tongue-in-cheek musical project Passive Aggressives Anonymous—once a 6-piece ensemble based in John’s hometown of Rochester, NY—has been a vehicle for DIY music videos of songs like “Ninja”, “Sex in Space”, “I’m in the Pool, Man”, and most recently, “Al Fresco”. Made at the height of the pandemic, “Al Fresco” features sparse instrumentation and assistance only from John’s fiancé Tarah Venn, who acts and occasionally holds the camera. It’s an ode to the luxury of dining out—or in this case, literally just outside—in a time when dining options are drastically reduced.