The Load (Il Fagotto)

“A foreboding vision of a futuristic bureaucracy, wherein the state manages citizen reproduction.”

– F3 Film Magazine

The Load (Il Fagotto)

In Italy’s future, women must register with the government to track and encourage their fertility.

Director Profile

Giulia Giapponesi

Director Bio :

Giulia Giapponesi is a video editor and director. In 2006 she directed a documentary about glue addiction in street children in Ecuador aimed at raising money to build a rescue center in Santo Domingo de los Colorados. The center was completed in 2008 and is now active. Between 2012 and 2017 she directed over 40 corporate videos for several big Italian companies. In 2009 she won a prize given by Cineteca of Bologna for the best video on the theme of the violence against women. In 2012 she founded Kinodromo, a cultural association that promotes indie films and raises awareness about distribution problems of Italian cinema. In 2014 she won MediaStars prize for the best interactive spot “Ricicli Stellari”. In 2019 she made a documentary dedicated to three artists of 16th century known as Carracci. “Il Fagotto” is her first short.

Director Statement :

Denatality is making one town disappear. The Government is set pressing measures, not just psychological ones. Females who don’t contribute to the demographic future of the country are seen as a problem to resolve, thus every year they are called to declare to a Government Office the reason why they haven’t had any babies in the last twelve months. In an out of time world, that reminds us more with every passing day, Bianca and Vittoria are at the opposite angles of their fertility time. Their acquaintance forces them to choose in an instant the direction of their future: any choice will result in a radical change of their destiny.