“An empowering release from rote antiseptic toil. ”

– F3 Film Magazine


A young woman is stamping packages in a factory. One day a package appears that is totaly different to all the others. She opens and finds bow and arrow in it. By shooting a hole in the factory wall, she escapes from the boredom of her daily life into the unknown.

Director Profile

Sarah Daisy Ellersdorfer

Director Bio :

SARAH DAISY ELLERSDORFER was born in Munich, in 1988. After finishing school, she studied philosophy and worked as an assistant director at the Vienna Burgtheater. She directed a theatre play that won the Jungwild Price in 2015. While working for the coop 99 film production company she assisted with scripts, researching and the production of feature films. In 2017 she started studying at the HFF Filmschool in Munich.

Director Statement :

This is a music video for the upcoming artist Oliver Earnest. He has made a great debut album and this was my favourite song from it: GATHERING SPEED. He told me about some images he had in mind, while writing it and I was immediately hooked. So we developed a story, which is all about the triteness and monotony of daily life and how one can feel trapped in world without colour, excitement and promises.