Magnified City

“An inversive allegorical mythos worthy of Plato’s cave.”

– F3 Film Magazine

Magnified City

When a magnifying-glass-human wanders in ruined city, he finds a photo of a beautiful city, but he accidentally burns the photo by observing it. Meanwhile, a secret society of projector-humans plot to recover the ruined city by using the magnifying-glass-human’s convex lens.

Director Profile

Isaku Kaneko

Director Bio :

Born in Japan in 1994. Independent animator, director.
Graduated from Waseda University, Department of Modern Engineering in 2016.
Recieved master’s degree from Tama Art University, Department of Graphic Design in 2020.

Director Statement :

A Magnifying glass human was wandering in ruined city. One day he was attracted by a photo of a beautiful city. When he tried to see it, he accidentally burned the photo,because light passed through his lens. Meanwhile, in a magnificent theater on the top of the mountain, a secret society of Projector humans was making a grand plan to recover the city with magnifying glass human’s convex lens. This is an event that happened overnight.