“A compelling and disturbing prophesy, imagining human distrust of interactive programming.”

– F3 Film Magazine


Takumi is a junior-high student who lost his mother three months ago. Her memories have been ported into an interactive avatar, but Takumi is distrustful of the technology.

Director Profile


Director Bio :

Born in 1978.
I spent my youth in a city with a view of Mt. Fuji
After working as an assistant director for a movie, an art staff, and a production manager, I became a director in 2015.
I use the name GAZEBO when directing so that the name is easy to remember.
To date, I have directed four short films.
I love late night radio and anime.

Director Statement :

On the day I bought Alexa, it was incredibly embarrassing to speak to it. Seeing myself objectively talking to a machine made me appear ridiculous. Yet, now, every morning, the first words that escape my lips are, “Alexa, what’s the weather like today?” And not only that, I even find myself getting angry, saying, “Alexa, why don’t you know something so simple?” I was astounded to realize that I was earnestly conversing with what I had initially perceived as a mere machine.
Whether there is a soul within these devices or not, perhaps it is the user themselves who ultimately decides.