“A hypnotic immersive surveillance, challenging human packaging.”

– F3 Film Magazine


A transsexual woman makes a journey across Vienna while followed by aggressive, distorted voices bombarding her with transphobic rhetoric from public statements.

Director Profile

Saoirse Grace

Director Bio :

Saoirse Grace is an amateur filmmaker and PhD student based in Berkeley, California. She is a transsexual woman and is known for incorporating intense and immersive audio in her films.

Director Statement :

This is coming from the perspective of an Austrian American transsexual woman. It is not intended to teach a lesson or reveal a transformation. I have not included subtitles because the barely-intelligible metallic voices are my experience of the voices, and I do not get subtitles out in the world. I am hard of hearing, and this is part of the medium.

Vending Machines: The vending machines are trans women; we are seen as imperfect facsimiles of “real” women, as vending machines are imperfect facsimiles of “real” stores. These boxes of neon light in the cityscape, beautiful when you really look at them but otherwise unremarkable or invisible until someone can draw value from them, represent my community. Vending machines are constructed, as we are always-already becoming-woman and becoming-transgender or becoming-transsexual.