Specs 3

“A dynamic composition that challenges expectations through elemental variation.”

– F3 Film Magazine

Specs 3

Our camera pans across rectangular zones of color. What happens if we increase our speed and indulge diagonal trajectories? Inspired by a painted wall in San Francisco, this abstract animated short plays with shifting chromatic shapes, and speed, flicker, arrival.

Director Profile

Dan McHale

Director Bio :

Dan McHale is an animator in San Francisco, California. His film Splotch was included in the San Francisco International Film Festival. His recent film Tangent 61 earned an award for excellence in design at the 2023 Asifa-East Animation Festival.

Director Statement :

Specs 3 is part of a trilogy of abstract short films I am making. The colors in this film I borrowed from a painting I made of a (painted) wall in San Francisco. I wanted to play with slow camera movements which alter the balance of color within the frame. I created the soundtrack with digital samples, midi composition and archival and original sound recordings.