The Old Young Crow

“A transcendent and richly dimensional odyssey.”

– F3 Film Magazine

The Old Young Crow

In the twilight of his life, Mehrdad, now an elderly man, reminisces about his transformative journey from Iran to Japan, a poignant journey that began in the wake of his mother’s passing when he was just a young boy. His narrative unfolds around a heartwarming encounter with an elderly Japanese woman, forged amidst the hushed serenity of a graveyard and facilitated by the pages of his cherished sketchbook.

Director Profile

Liam LoPinto

Director Bio :

Liam LoPinto is a filmmaker and animator based out of New York City. He graduated from NYU Tisch School of the Arts’ UGFTV program. He also studied at Waseda University in Tokyo. He attended CalArts’ Character Animation program from 2017-2021. He is an assistant manager at The Moviehouse in Millerton, NY.

Director Statement :

The Old Young Crow tells the story of Mehrdad, a 10 year old Iranian boy who has recently moved to Tokyo. Mehrdad’s story is narrated by himself as an old man, recounting one particular event through his own sketchbook. Using a combination of practical effects, animation, live action, and computer generated elements, The Old Young Crow tells a story of loss, immigration, familial love, and the beauty of nature.