Grand Jury Award

“A masterwork of such epic sentiment and dedication, that it should be preserved in a museum and sent into space.”

– F3 Film Magazine


A hand-drawn cell animation exploring the differences in parallel perceptions, with original music by the director.

Director Profile

Hayato Nove

Director Bio :

Born in 1971. Worked for 5 years in several design office as a graphic designer and illustrator. After that became a freelance designer and illustrator. Began to create the short animation works and other art works from 2007.

Director Statement :

In my animation works, music is an important element of the work, and ​I try to produce my own music and video to bring my own worldview to the audience.

“Parallax is a displacement or difference in the apparent position of an object viewed along two different lines of sight.” (wikipedia)

It exists between the right eye and the left eye, and amongst all Human beings. Despite there being only one origin, the view changes depending on different backgrounds. And that view, unless one interferes with one another, will always remain parallel.

The Parallax phenomenon of the right eye and the left eye, just like the three dimensional effect or the sense of distance, may be distorted. If looked at from one point of view, misinterpretations will be present between Human being and Human being; between society and people.

This may become the norm at times. As the environment does not admit to any mistakes, this will lead to creating an unstable situation which may disguise the reality.

While “to comprehend” is not as simple as it is, the only way not to lose sight of the essence, is to dig deep down and look right into the existence of Parallax, or to surrender your consciousness and immerse in the phenomenon.

Acceptance of our neighbour’s and far away people’s Parallax, including the one which exists between yesterday and today’s self, will help everyone explore the connectivity of Parallax.