Tangent 61

“An evocative proposition, in sound and light, that our fundamental universe may be the breaking and fusing within an entropic symphony.”

– F3 Film Magazine

Tangent 61

A dot becomes a line, which becomes… a triangle! What other eternal shapes may emerge as we travel through zones of color, in this abstract animated short film. Featuring a richly layered soundtrack by composer and multi-instrumentalist Christof Vonderau.

Director Profile

Dan McHale

Director Bio :

Dan McHale is an artist and animator living in San Francisco. His film Splotch was included in the 2016 San Francisco International Film Festival. His painting series 36 View of the Hamm’s Brewery has been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Director Statement :

I like to draw and paint pictures. I enjoy the forms both as representation and as innate zones of color. I also like to make those forms move. When I learned about the beautiful festival in Barcelona called Punto Y Raya, which exclusively showcases abstract animation, I thought, I will make an entirely abstract animated film. The result is Tangent 61.

I’ve benefitted from the collaboration of my friend, Berlin based composer Christof Vonderau. He responded to my early rough cut of the film with an original score.

Seeking to convey shape, movement, tension and release without any representation, has been a wonderul challenge. Narrative of some kind may have crept in along the way. Maybe my film isn’t abstract after all!

Furthermore I am still learning about the word “tangent” A neutral term in geometry, it can be considered a “mistake” in art. (Two forms which touch— unintentionally)

I write this as I put the finishing touches on this short movie. I look forward releasing it into the world.