The Wake-Up Call

Winner of Best Animation

“A crafted noir parable worthy of Rod Serling, pulsing with atmospheric framing and lighting, achieved through masterfully rendered imagery.”

– F3 Film Magazine

The Wake-Up Call

The story of a rich man in crisis, tumbled down the rabbit hole of reevaluating his life.

Director Profile

James Kahn

Director Bio :

James Kahn, an emergency room physician, wrote the novelizations of Return of the Jedi, Poltergeist, and The Goonies, among others, then went on to become writer-producer on Melrose Place and Star Trek: Voyager. He’s also produced an award-winning feature film, The Bet, and several CDs of Americana music. This is his first animated film.

Director Statement :

This was really fun to do. Incredible gratitude to my animator, Sebastian Kesiak, who made my visions manifest.