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“A raw and authentic film that makes you feel like you are witnessing future greatness.” – F3 Film Magazine
IQALUIT  US  Narrative
It’s illegal to get an abortion in Mabel’s home state, and the connection she once had with Danny has fizzled, leaving her stranded in her own private Iqaluit.
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Ted Schneider
Director Bio :
Ted Schneider is a Manhattan-based actor turned filmmaker. His short film "Early Light," about two veterans working through their PTSD on a horse therapy ranch, won the Soldier’s and Sacrifice Award at the Flicker’s Rhode Island International Film Festival (2020) and Best of Fest and Best Short at both 307 Film Festival and Go West Film Festival. His short film "Nothing Happened," in which a black male artist is arrested in NYC during the height of Stop-And-Frisk, won Best Short at the Trenton International Film Festival (2016) and Grand Prize for Emerging Narrative at the March on Washington Film Festival, where it screened at Obama's White House (2016) hosted by Valerie Jarrett. His subsequent projects include the short film, "Our House," about a woman dealing with the suicide of her brother and the business of selling their childhood home (post-production) and two feature projects currently in development, including a feature version of Iqaluit.

Director Statement :
Mabel is dealing with the pain of separating from a romantic connection (and a pregnancy) to make room for her dreams: A woman's right. All in a single day.

The piece has a linear forward motion woven with dreamy memory, together making a sum of Mabel's inner and outer life. Nada Stjepanovic's handheld vintage-lens camera work connects those two worlds, and brings us into Mabel's visceral experience.

The swampy edges of forgotten rust-belt, where the film takes place, is one kind of Iqaluit, but there are others, and the kind Mabel wants is even more elusive, as it's the stuff of future aspiration. "I feel this so much, I just have to make it real." Alana Markel's Mabel has the quiet inner searching for a faraway place that feels as if it's alive inside you, and Gabriel Rysdahl's Danny reflects her experience in reverse; So close, but so far away.